Little Heroes to the Rescue

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Hi guys:) We welcome you to our Little Heroes to the Rescue ! * The concept of our channel is to teach you how to react in any situation in which your friends or just passers-by ! We want to show you how to act when meeting a thief, or if there was a fire, and who can help if your car is broken or need to build a house . * Don't forget that if you need help, you can call 911 or ask for help from adults. Our Little Heroes are 2 brothers who dream to become real heroes ! * Our story Cartoons for kids, maybe a new format, created by us and are all made using editing programs and toys for kids ( because they are all virtual and fictional characters for us ) We want to show that any profession you choose when you grow necessary and important ! Firefighters extinguish a fire , the police catch criminals that may offend anyone, the builders build houses, and the mechanics will repair any equipment .


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