The Axel Show

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My son Axel and I have adventures every day, and we want to share them with you. On the Axel Show! Here are some examples of the types of adventures we have. -Toy construction trucks, hotwheel cars, monster trucks and more! We love to use our toys and our imaginations to have epic adventures! - Parks - City parks, state parks, any parks we can find! We race, slide, explore, and more. - Construction Sites - Bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks and so much more. - Nature - Everything in nature is an adventure. We will show you how fun exploring it can be. - At Home - Sometimes the most fun to be had is right under our noses. Come see how we make everyday home life fun with a little imagination and effort. - The City - The City is full of incredible things, and adventures are waiting to be had. Come see how we turn our cities into playgrounds! The purpose of the Axel Show is to inspire the imagination's of kids and adults through reality based entertainment.


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