Milo's Playground

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Milo's Playground is a kid-friendly series of fun educational videos for toddlers and preschool kids. Our show will take you to amazing outdoor and indoor Playgrounds, awesome Zoos, fascinating Children Museums, and incredible Water Parks. With wonderful music and fun educational cartoons all within the show, Milo's Playground kid-friendly video series will get toddlers and preschoolers exited about playgrounds, one of the most fun, and healthy things you can do for and with your children. The show introduces educational cartoon character Oki Ducky, a lovable duckling who's all about learning, being active, and having fun. Watching Milo's Playground and Oki Ducky fun educational videos kids will learn colors and shapes, letters and numbers, and others things kids love like cars, trains, planes, animals, space, toys, and the list goes on! If you like shows like Blippi and Ryan's Toy Reviews, you will love Milo's Playground - Safe/Fun Educational Videos for Toddlers and Preschool Kids.


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