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Hi, I'm Stacy! Join me on my Minecraft adventures with my dogs Page, Molly and Polly and my cat, Milquetoast. And my wolf pack! I also play animal-themed indie games. 🐾 Is your channel "family-friendly?" Yes. I do not use offensive language in my videos and do not play games that contain offensive language, gun violence or adult themes. 🐾 Can I play with you on a server? I do not play on public servers. If you see someone pretending to be me, please report them. 🐾 How can I play Dogcraft? Dogcraft is the name of my longest-running series. The primary mods used are Copious Dogs and Doggy Talents. If you are running those, then you're playing Dogcraft! 🐾 Where do you live? I live in the mountains of Utah. I post upcoming public appearances on my Facebook page. 🐾 Do you have merchandise? Yes! You can get it at shopstacyplays.com 🐾 Can I mail you something? Yes. I accept letters and artwork. Please do not send gifts or money. StacyPlays P.O. Box 16960 Salt Lake City, UT 84116


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