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Welcome to SPAN-TV... the home of all things data-storage! I've had your attention this far, could you indulge me a little longer? Why not purchase Data Storage from us. We ship Worldwide and I think you'd be surprised how low we can go with shipping prices. It won't cost you anything to find out. Simply send your name and address (plus of course confirming the device you want) to us at SPAN.COM and they will get back to you within the hour with the best price and shipping (maybe even free) to you. Then at least you have the answer. Let's be honest, you have the guys like Amazon and Ebay to go for, but we are selling a solution, not just a box (I am aware how 'salesman' that sounded, but bear with me). We will tailor the box (RAID, Firmware and all) to your needs, provide after sales technical support and better warranty support than generic online shops. Bottom line, all it will cost you at this stage is an e-mail. http://www.span.com/about


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