Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac

Joined: Nov ,2010
Dog rescue shelter Mladenovac established in 2007, is one of few Serbia’s largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters. We have placed over 300 dogs and cats, since we opened our doors. We are located just one hour south of Belgrade and easily accessible to all of Serbia. Being open 7 days a week makes the adoption of a pet convenient for the general public and enables us to place all homeless dogs and cats who urgently need help. Life on the streets is very hard and risky. Some of stray dogs have a luck to live a long life because they have people who take care of them, but some dogs are poisoned or trampled by a car and die. In our shelter 320 adult dogs, 20 puppies and 20 cats currently residing, rescued from the streets. So many dogs from the streets needed help and safe place in the shelter. We need YOUR continued dedication and financial support. We are not funded locally or federally, we rely solely on private donations to keep our shelter doors open.


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