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RE-POST THESE VIDEOS! BEAT THE DEEP STATE CENSORSHIP! Just give us credit. Ignore the US media and judge for yourself. As a US Marine I was trained to hate communists. I still hate communists and always will. I was happy to see the Soviet Union collapse. However, the US strangled Russia to its knees in poverty during the 90's and betrayed President Reagan's word to help Russia. Why does the US ignore the triumph of Christianity in Russia and its' economic success? Vladimir Putin is no communist. He is in fact a hero of Christendom. The US now resembles the old Soviet Union and most US politicians have turned into the Red menace in the land I swore to defend. Christ and prayers to him along with religious symbols are kept from public view and are open game for lawsuits. In Russia holy icons are everywhere and churches are packed. Why does the media constantly demonize Putin and Russia? The answer is clear. "One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world." -- old Russian proverb


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